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Proses Makina Company

Proses Makina Company produces refining and recycling systems that enable the recovery of precious metals and rare metals from end of life wastes, as well as their production from ore and mining fields.

It has the necessary knowledge, solutions, experiences and systems about the production and recovery of many elements in the periodic table. From precious metals to rare earth elements, it has knowhow to obtain. The fact that the company’s vision is development-oriented and that it makes serious investments in research and development paves the way for obtaining many more metals.

The use of rare earths and rare metals has become widespread. It is even found in abundance in indispensable technology products that are frequently encountered in daily life. It is used from mobile phones to car batteries, from fluorescent lamps to magnets. These products, which are abundant everywhere, create a serious waste accumulation when they can no longer be used. It also creates a serious secondary metal source.

As a result of demand and fast consumption, secondary sources generated from wastes constitute an economic investment in recovery.