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Flexible Battery Processing

Thanks to our Flexible Battery Processing Technology, we are able to process various battery types within a single facility. With Flex Batt Process, we offer tailored solutions, comprehensive support, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

• Versatile Battery Processing: Ability to process various battery types within a single facility.
• Direct and Efficient PCAM Synthesis: Streamlined production of PCAM via a direct synthesis pathway, reducing intermediate steps and enhancing overall productivity.
• High-Efficiency Li, Ni, Co, Mn Recovery: Exceptional proficiency in recovering lithium, nickel, cobalt, and manganese with high efficiency.
• Greener PCAM Production: Production of PCAM with reduced chemical usage, contributing to environmentally friendly manufacturing practices.
• High-Purity Product Manufacturing: Capability to manufacture high-purity goods that meet rigorous quality standards.
• Low Energy Consumption: Minimization of energy consumption, leading to optimized resource utilization in alignment with sustainability objectives.
• Cost-Effective Implementation: Implementation approach that is economically efficient, minimizing initial capital investment while maximizing returns throughout the operational lifecycle.