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Neodymium is found in important quantities in the mine minerals monazite and bastnäsite. It is not naturally found in metallic forms and is usually refining& recycling from primary or secondary source. Although neodymium is classified as a rare earth element, it is very common and is most commonly found in China.

As a secondary resource NdFeB magnets, are permanent magnets that are widely used due to their high magnetic properties.

Application areas of NdFeB magnet: wind turbines, hard disk drives (HDD), denture, audio equipments such as microphones, acoustic pick-ups, headphones, loudspeakers, jewelry, magnetically coupled pumps, door catches, motors and generators, MRI scanners, lifting machinery, magnetic separators, etc.

NdFeB magnet contains about 60-65% Fe, 20-25% Nd, 8-9% Dy, 0.5-1% Pr, 2.5-3% Co by weight. The high variety in Its content made recycling from secondary sources necessary.

As Proses Makina Team, we firstly determine the resources coming from the customer and we obtain high purity products in pilot scale with the process designed by R&D. At the end of this process, machines designed by our technical team are produced. Proses Makina is on its way to become a brand in overseas countries by supplying the needs the customers with its chemical and technical solutions.