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Known as Wolfram, it is a 6B transition group metal under the Molybdenum metal between the Tantalum and Rhenium metals in the periodic table.

Tungsten (Tungsten) is the element with the highest melting point in the world with 3140 ° C. It is resistant to abrasion, has high heat and electrical conductivity, and low coefficient of expansion. The hardness of pure tungsten is higher than many steels; Its ductility provides workability.

The main tungsten bearing minerals are wolframite, hubnerite, ferberite and scheelite. Scheelite and wolframite are tungsten minerals that are more economically operated and are widely found as a primary resource.

It is used as tungsten carbide, alloy and metallic tungsten in hard metal production.

Tungsten carbide is used in mining and drilling equipment, wear-resistant surfaces and molds. In Ni-Co structured super alloy steels, the filaments which are the lamp wires of the bulbs are also tungsten products.

It is also used in high alloy products in space technology. Iron alloy ferro tungsten is used in the production of tool steels.

Tungsten disulfide compound used as catalyst is used as dry lubricant at high temperatures.

It is used in the weapons and defense industries with its metallic structures.

Due to ıt’s close to gold density, it can be used as an alternative to platinum and gold in jewelry.

Tungsten compound with vanadium dioxide is the raw material of solar films used in glasses.

The Proses Makina, which performs the recovery of Tungsten, continues to work to recovery Tungsten at the highest efficiency with the alternative methods and equipment it has developed. It has been offering support to its customers with its technical team.