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Future of Tungsten

Tungsten Reserves Worldwide by Country 2019

Approximately 40% of the total tungsten reserve in the world is operated. The present reserves have the capacity to supply the tungsten need for approximately 50 years. The richest countries in terms of tungsten reserves are China and Russia. China supplies 83% of the world’s tungsten need.

Other tungsten reserve countries; Canada, North Korea, USA, Bolivia, Vietnam, Portugal, Austria, Rwanda, Spain, Brazil are following. The countries that consume the most tungsten are the USA, England, France, Germany, and Sweden.

The Beneficiation and Purification of Tungsten

The ores must contain 60-75% W03 in order to gain sales capability. For this, they are enrichment with various mineral processing methods. In the enrichment of these ores, depends on the character of the ore, standard concentrates with at least 60% W03 grade are produced by using gravity, flotation, magnetic and electrostatic separation methods.

After this stage, leaching or roasting methods are made depending on the type of impurities in the concentrate. It is aimed to refining of impurities such as phosphorus, arsenic, silica, molybdenum, sulfur, bismuth, antimony, iron, tin, aluminum, and copper.

The Future of Tungsten Price

According to 2010-2019 data, tungsten prices started to increase in 2011. The Prices have been going on to rise from time to time due to changes in the dollar, increased environmental concerns, and China’s export quotas. High prices have increased interest in tungsten mining worldwide, but prices are expected to increase at a lower rate than before.

The Proses Makina Company, which performs the recovery of Tungsten, continues to work to recovery Tungsten at the highest efficiency with the alternative methods and equipment it has developed. It has been offering support to its customers with its technical team.

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