NdFeB Magnets for REEs Recovery

NdFeB magnets are permanent magnets that are widely used due to their high magnetic properties. Application areas of NdFeB magnet: wind turbines, hard disk drives (HDD), denture, audio equipments such as microphones, acoustic pick-ups, headphones, loudspeakers, jewelry, magnetically coupled pumps, door catches, motors and generators, MRI scanners, lifting machinery, magnetic separators, etc.

As their widely used, neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB) magnets become an important secondary source for the rare earth metals as Neodymium (Nd) and Dysprosium (Dy) due to their high content of REEs. Hence, recycling of NdFeB magnets take attention in the industry. It is important to meet the growing demand with recovery, because of the raising prices of them and also increasing waste problems. For instance, in 2019, the price per kilogram of Nd and Dy found in magnets increased by 13.1% and 40.5%, respectively.

An NdFeB magnet contains approximately 60-65% Fe, 20-25% Nd, 8-9% Dy, 0.5-1% Pr, 2.5-3% Co by weight. Apart from rare earth elements and iron, Cobalt is the most commonly found element in magnets. Cobalt itself is also a valuable element and it is worth to recycling. Looking at the percentage found in magnets, the amount is too high to ignore. Magnets are absolutely a great source as it can be seen.

As it is seen on the above, life spans of products end-use average is 10-20 years. End-of-life products will cause waste problems, while rare metal resources will be reduced. Therefore, the recycling of magnets has become important. Proses Makina Company has always a solution for Refining & Recycling Machinery Systems.

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