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Tantalum and Niobium elements are found in the world as rare metals. Ta and Nb are similar in chemical properties and they are found in the same ores. Coltan, columbite, tantalite are the most important ores. The world’s largest known coltane reserves are in Congo territory. Other known reserves are African countries such as Nigeria, South Africa, Ethiopia and Uganda.

The minerals, tantalum and niobium, which are separated from their ore, are used in laptops, tablets, DVD players and rechargeable electronic devices, especially smart mobile phones. These devices contain capacitors to store energy. Tantalum is indispensable for capacitors and has a very important place in charging, which increases its importance day by day. Due to the rapid increase in the use of smartphones and devices, the importance of coltan and therefore tantalum is increasing day by day.

Tantalum compounds and alloys are used are; aircraft and rocket parts, surgical prostheses, surgical instruments, camera lenses, coils, pipes, valves, laboratory instruments, rectifiers, structural elements of electronic tubes, fountain pen tips, jet engines, pacemakers, filaments.

Niobium compounds and alloys are used are; nuclear reactor cores, hot stamping molds, vacuum tubes, stainless steel, pressurized gas pipes, oil pipelines, railways, automotive parts, tool steels, acoustic wave filters, camera lenses, computer screen coatings, ceramic capacitors, cutting tools, electronic circuits, chemical tools and equipment, rockets, missiles, building beams, particle accelerators, super magnets, welding rods.

As it is seen, Ta and Nb have a wide and demanding usage area. Tantalum and Niobium are among the metals of the future. Means of that, their recovery from wastes and production are important and they will have more importance . From high efficiency processes to technical support, you can take advantage of the opportunities offered by Proses Makina Company.